We note that only 5% of people suffering from obesity are treated (bariatric surgery).What happens to the remaining 95%? Horuscare wants to meet this expectation by reducing the gap between therapeutic regime and surgery by proposing a solution SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Horuscare develops a medical device (patent) "Barrier" called "Reborn" dedicated to the people suffering from obesity. It is a flexible tube of 60 cm released in the small intestine by endoscopy in order to reduce about 70% nutritional intake. This therapeutic concept is non-surgical, outpatient and reduces the cost involved in the treatment of obesity for the Society. 

Horuscare also develops a range called "Refill" innovative food supplements by their dosage and mode of dissemination (sublingual). These food supplements (patent) meet the needs of the body of people who have had significant weight loss, such as after bariatric surgery. Currently, nutritional protocol "conventional" (passing through the digestive tract) demonstrated limited effectiveness dosages on the market.

This specific range of food supplements includes fifteen products, from multivitamin cocktail to hyper-protein intake with different flavors.