The i-Care Cluster organises events throughout the year, to give players in the eco-system the opportunity to stay informed, to meet and to create the conditions for future collaboration. Our strategy is also to join forces with partners as joint organisers or support so that our members have the benefit of preferential conditions of access to other events. The i-Care Cluster is moreover regularly asked to moderate at round tables, meetings and seminars in the context of national and European events.


HEALTH TECHDAYS ,The meeting for the Healthcare Technologies in our territory
_MH_3818scaleWe are the initiator and main organiser of the TechDays Santé which are intended to provide the opportunity for an annual get-together of the community of the_MH_3964scale healthcare technology eco-system in our territory. You can find more information about this on our dedicated websitepicto-arobase

Since its launch, the i-Care Cluster has devoted a great deal of energy to involving itself in the sector’s key topics of innovation. We have already explored the subjects of implants and digital solutions, the interaction between new digital tools and prevention, the development of products and services in the context of outpatient care and the new forms of partnership for innovation.


The “Apéro i-Care” format is a short end-of-day event in which a brief review of the latest critical information for our sector is presented. “Apéro i-Care” often examines issues relating to regulations and standards in a sociable atmosphere while enjoying a glass or two of wine (in moderation). This informal exchange between businesses is always greatly appreciated. This event is open to our members and to businesses in the territory subject to certain conditions.