Definition of the sector

The Health Technology sector brings together all designers and manufacturers of medical products for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and patient healthcare monitoring. More broadly, it also includes subcontractors for basic equipment and devices (primary technological bricks) and service providers, for sterilisation, packaging, advice and technological monitoring for example.



The growth of the Health Technology sector is one part of the explosion of health expenditure which the OECD has been experiencing for 50 years now. It is a sector showing strong annual growth of 10%, peaking at 11 and 13% in the case of China and India.

In terms of volume, the American market is the biggest market worldwide at 72 billion euro, followed by Europe (60 billion) then the Asia-Pacific zone (40 billion).

It may also be noted that the growth in the Health Technology sector is greater than that of the albeit more visible sector of the pharmaceutical industry which is growing at 6% per year. The medical technology sector is an eminently concentrated sector. The competitive position of the leaders in this sector is today largely uncontested by the advent of new manufacturers and in fact has been strengthened over recent years due to mergers and acquisitions. The 10 Health Technology leaders alone represent 80% of the market.