In addition to our information and promotional activities for the regional healthcare technologies sector and the services offered to our members, the i-Care Cluster is involved in a number of projects and initiatives to reinforce not only the competitiveness of businesses but also links with the healthcare players in the territory.

As our positioning and our business model evolved (a process commenced in 2014), the cluster’s team focussed its efforts on three main types of action involving businesses in the territory:


The i-Care Cluster is active in the territories by developing collaborations with major players in other metropolitan areas, more particularly the eco-systems in Grenoble, St Etienne, Savoie and Lyon.


For example, the initiative, “Communautés d’Innovation (Innovation Communities), put in place by Saint-Etienne Métropole is the embodiment of our commitment to boosting the emergence of projects in the fields of medical technologies and digital solutions for the prevention of cancer.

To promote the joint innovation of the healthcare / medico-social system and the regional economic fabrLogo-ARSscale V1ic, in 2015 the i-Care Cluster became involved in a Call for a Show of Interest launched in collaboration with the Rhône-Alpes Regional Health Agencies, the Rhône-Alpes BPI and the Rhône-Alpes Region, in partnership with the Rhône-Alpes URIOPSS. This call for a show of interest entitled “Innovate in health in Rhône-Alpes” will be repeated in 2016.


The i-Care Cluster is currently working on two structural projects supported by the Ministry for Health and the Economy. The two projects come within the sector of digital solutions for healthcare. The i-Care Cluster is also seeking to identify areas of potential collaboration in the field of medical devices in interaction with the “sector” financing keys at State level.

logo pascaline

One of the flagship projects is the management of the innovation incubator in the Pascaline Project (National Programme, Digital Healthcare for the Territory in Rhône-Alpes). The objective of this project is to give three consortiums composed of industry and healthcare partners in the territory the opportunity to trial and to roll out innovative solutions to help coordinate the patient’s pathway in complex situations.


In the same area, the i-Care Cluster is managing the PREPS project (operational action research project) e-SIS, involving the Léon Bérard Centre, the research teams at IFROSS, the Ecole des Mines in Saint-Etienne and TASDA. This project aims to propose new methods for assessing the performance and appropriateness of information systems in healthcare organisations. One of the challenges is that of transferring the majority of research results to healthcare establishments in the territory and to industrial solution-design entities.  

The European level is an equally prioritised type of initiative. The i-Care Cluster wishes to involve businesses in the territory in European collaboration opportunities. There is a dual objective to this: to announce the presence of the regional eco-system in ambitious European projects and to allow businesses to develop on markets in the EU zone.


The most significant investment at this level is the Health2Care project run in collaboration with our partners LyonBiopole, Minalogic and Plastipolis. This project consists of providing concrete assistance to businesses in the region in expanding on European markets and helping to firmly connect our territory to centres of excellence in the EU.