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DataMedCare offers and develops digital health solutions to improve chronic diseases management (patient compliance, life quality …) all through their care course.

Our area of intervention:

  • Prevention and/or screening => digital health survey
  • Tele monitoring remote monitoring => ADEL SANTE platform:  single  unique interface to collect and aggregate data from connected objects , alert algorithms…

           ==> www.adel-sante.fr

  • Online follow-up booklet system for patient with chronic diseases patient => SOMRESPIR, EDUKBPCO

           ==> www.somrespir.fr

  • Registers (cardiology, pulmonology) for medical federations => OSFP, CARDIOSOM

           ==> www.osfp.fr     www.cardiosom.fr

Our digital tools allow to share data sharing with health professionals and patients.

An exchanges and coordination platform A platform for information exchange and coordination in area of therapeutic education (CEPPIA) completes our offer.  ==> Video links 

DataMedCare contributes to improving the quality of cares, to increasing the efficiency of medical treatments and to reduce health costs.

DataMedCare, Datas at the for health services!

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