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3DKREAFORM presents PIX SURGERY®, a genuine protocol to make oral implantology more accessible, more predictable and in optimal conditions of serenity.

PIX SURGERY® is a value-added service offered as part of the service offer "dental" under the brand of 3DKREAFORM: PIX DENTAL SYSTEM ®.

PIX SURGERY® was devised in order to democratize access to guided surgery, and uses his merging technology (patented) data offering optimal precision .

To achieve this goal, we have made the choice to graciously provide you our PIX PLANNING® planning software for 3D printing your PIX Guide® in biocompatible resin.

PIX PLANNING® is an open software for planning all types of implants available in the market ... Our protocol is designed to fit your practices : beginner or expert in oral implantology, with a radio Panoramic 3D or not, with an intra oral camera or not ...

Finally, Pix Immediat Loading® allows you to produce the transitional prosthesis before your surgery and to place it immediately after your intervention.

PIX SURGERY® is a unique universal solution, economical and effective!


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