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The 3-D Matrix Group develops and manufactures a family of peptide biomaterials for use in clinical applications as medical devices. 3-D Matrix Europe obtained the CE marking for PuraStat® as a hemostat in surgery.

The self-assembling peptide technology was discovered and carefully engineered more than 15 years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, forming the basis for a family of unique and proprietary biomaterials. This technology and its applications, are covered today by a large intellectual property portfolio.

The self-assembling peptides are fully synthetic, transparent, biocompatible and bioresorbable material prepared in an aqueous solution. Peptides self-assemble into nanofibers on a scale similar to the extracellular matrix when exposed to physiological levels of salt, forming a flowable hydrogel. The nanofibers create a highly organized, 3-dimensional, porous scaffold.

This technology has wide-ranging laboratory and clinical applications. It can function as a temporary scaffold supporting tissue regeneration (skin, neural, bone, cartilage and cardiovascular) and can be used for drug delivery. It can be combined with many different cell types, proteins, drugs and antibodies.

Collaborative projects with hospitals and with companies are our priority. Collaborations may include animal studies, human trial, and development of medical products using 3-D Matrix hydrogels. Academic projects with a reasonable short-term completion horizon and clear and probable generation of IP are possible.

Area of collaboration: Surgery; Tissue regeneration: bone, cartilage, cardiovascular, wound healing…; Drug delivery: growth factors, proteins, siRNA, antibodies...

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