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BP 127 - - 38209 Vienne Cedex
Telephone n°: +33(0)4 28 87 38 00

Private Health Establishment for Collective Interest, CALYDIAL is a nonprofit organization whose choice has always been the innovation for optimizing the patient journey with a dynamic multi-professional team and strong lines of work that are :

  • The organization of screening and prevention of chronic kidney disease to slow down the progression and impact of the disease;
  • In case of failure of preventive treatments, the development of personalized patient journey to make systematic evaluation of access to kidney transplantation and, if needed; dialysis adapted to the context of life, while maintaining maximum levels of autonomy and quality of life among others through Information and Communication Technologies.

Thanks to its values, CALYDIAL also works on five units of southern Lyon, offering consultations and teleconsultations of Nephrology nearby health center and net-coaching, an education program for patients and their caregivers at every stage of their journey including preparation for replacement therapy, collaboration with local care teams (hospital, endocrinologists, cardiologists ...) and offers patients all dialysis modalities.

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