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1320 route de Doissin - 38110 SAINT VICTOR DE CESSIEU
Telephone n°: +33(0)4 74 92 29 73

Since 1987, we have assisted our partners, clients and employees, using our core know-how relating to cutting and press-forming.

Year after year, with the desire to offer a global solution inspired by our values, we have added in more and more additional operations relating to our core know-how.

Since 2005, the development of our know-how and skills has led us towards the integration of tool and product design for our clients

Finally, 2016 marked a turning point in our company's history with a move to focus more on our clients and take their requirements into account in the development of the "Global Solution".

We now offer a large range of products and services in accordance with our core work, which lies in cutting and press-forming.

We have become an essential partner; innovating, designing, and offering you technical expertise on the transformation of metal

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