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SAS VOICE is inventing, developing and selling embedded systems dedicated to human joints capture of movements and at first focusing on hip and knees joints. We are focused on selling to orthopedist practitioners like surgeons or physiotherapist. The equipment is worn continuously in a day to day life utilization, it consists in 2 patches sticked on the skin on one side and the other of the monitored joint; they are light waterproofed and easy to wear. Their autonomy is up to 7 days. At the end of monitored period of time the datas are transmitted allowing automatically to create a corresponding document. In the nowadays context leading to ambulatory procedures, to health cost reduction and to connected objects, VoicePatch is a solution allowing to every practitioner and patient to obtain continuously, objective information on the operated joints. This system is completing the present way of healing patients and gives them a capacity of judging themselves their improvements. More motivation = reduced recovery time

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