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9, rue du rocher de lorzier - 38430 MOIRANS
Telephone n°: 04 76 37 17 58

SUBLIMED is a start-up founded in October 2015 by Nicolas Karst, Benoit Roure, Jean-Pierre Alibeu and Simon Perraud. SUBLIMED is developing actiTENS®, an innovative and connected medical device for chronic pains management. actiTENS® is based on a proven non-drug therapy, the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

The conventional TENS devices take the shape of a voluminous casing (hand carried, attached to the belt or worn around the neck), tied with cutaneous electrodes through long cables causing physical and psychological embarrassment which highly compromises the adoption of the TENS by patients. actiTENS® offers a miniaturized, thin and flexible device, which is directly worn on the body, and adapts itself perfectly to the morphology of each patient. Easily hidden under clothes, monitored wirelessly by smartphone, actiTENS® discreetly supports patient in daily activities, brings physician useful information to evaluate the efficacy of the therapy and allows him to refine and adapt treatment.


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