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50, rue Gustave-Eiffel-Technoparc - 01630 SAINT GENIS POUILLY
Telephone n°: +33 (0)9 72 63 50 96

Colnec health is a French/Swiss start-up within the healthcare industry, founded in 2016. The company focuses on developing innovative e-health solutions to improve daily patients’ experience. Chronic Patients’ Companion -PACO- is the very first medical application designed at monitoring complex / chronic patients with multiple pathologies. Thanks to the close work and relationship with both doctors and patients, our innovative solution allows to monitor clinical and behavioral data in real time. The application allows patients and their respective care team to jointly establish a tailored care plans, follow and adapt it in real-time. Both parties can at any time interact with each other and assess treatments’ efficiency. This solution not only improves the patients’ experience, but also assists medical team in optimizing their time management and their overall efficiencies. PACO is a new approach to care based on interactive live collaboration between care team and their patients.

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